Splendor-SAP fra Angelus er et single justerbart stift system, bestående af stift kærne og et konisk ydre.


  • Decreases inventory of various drills and posts sizes. 
  • Adapts to narrow or medium-sized canals and fills the cervical area of the preparation with fibers. 
  • Allows minimally invasive preparations, as well as provides greater mechanical interlock, increasing the retention between the post and canal walls in addition to the chemical bonding.


  • Universal
    Single size for narrow, medium and wide canals
  • Anatomical
    Adjustable to the shape of the canal
  • Increased Retention 
    Mechanical interlock in addition to the chemical bonding
  • Minimally Invasive 
    Does not require major canal enlargements
  • Low risk of root fracture
    Elastic modulus close to dentin

Pakning med 5 sleeves + 5 post (Fiberglass - 80%, Epoxy Resin - 20%) + 1 drill (Stainless Steel - 100%)

Varenr. 6254
DKK 354,00(DKK 283,20 ekskl. moms.)
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