Sterile opdækningssæt

Collection: Sterile OP sets

Prepackaged OP sets from Weesgaard, we have prepackaged factory sets and individual signature sets. You are also welcome to put together your own set, call Callcenter 3964 4212 or send a list to (Sebastian Silva Weesgaard) with what the set should contain to - we will put together a sample set that you approve.
Minimum order is 5 sets.
  • Malene Hallund OP set, pack of 5 kits
  • Alhambravej OP set, pack of 5 kits
  • Lætgaard OP set, pack of 10 kits
  • Weesgaard basic OP kit, pack of 9 kits
  • Mini operation, pack of 20 kits
  • Surgery OP set, pack of 10 kits
  • Protect surgical kit, pack of 5 kits