Why should you shop at Weesgaard Dental & Surgery?


When you shop at Weesgaard, you are helping to make a difference and helping to maintain Nordic business culture and mentality.

It can be compared to the small specialist shop where the owner runs his shop based on passion, insight, soul and understanding the local environment.

Weesgaard Dental & surgery
Is a 100% family-owned company that builds on customer service and support, as well as dental knowledge gathered through three generations since 1962.

We know the mentality of dentists and the way in which most clinics are run and managed.

We can of course see the benefits of scale with chain development, but we can also see the downside, the "soft" values ​​are slowly diluted and rationalized away in favor of efficiency and profit optimization.

This is also the trend in the dental industry (the dental depots) your supply chain. Today it is a reality that more than 80% of your supply chain (dental depots) ownership is international and managed by capital funds that primarily think the bigger the better, primarily and exclusively for the benefit of the owners.

Weesgaard Dental & Surgery
We are not profit driven, it is not a mission or vision for us that our business should generate a certain profit, but it should be mentioned that we have never had a deficit either.

Our core values ​​emphasize working environment, well-being, diversity, compliance, discipline, care, customer service, knowledge and development for the benefit of our customers.

Weesgaard Dental & Surgery
We don't follow anyone's lead, we develop and create our own identity and DNA.
We are a passionate team of employees who enjoy our work every single day and work to give our customers the best of us, and customer service is deeply rooted in our mentality.

We have most of them for use in dental practices. We have carefully selected all our partners, manufacturers and suppliers who all have deep roots in the dental industry and stand for quality at the right prices.
We have also built up a very special knowledge of oral surgery and endodontics, which we pass on to our customers every day.

In the past year, we have put effort into building a customer and user-friendly  webshop that is based on our values ​​and experience.
This makes the clinic's purchasing efficient, simple and  quickly, with e.g. favorite list.

We have over 5000 item numbers in stock, we deliver day to day, with our own customer service or GLS, and we represent more than 45 dedicated manufacturers in the dental industry.