Angelus Bio-C Repair, putty root canal cement, pack with 2 gi syringe

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Bioceramic Putty - ready to use directly in the cavity (does not need to be mixed)
Suitable for treating root canal perforation and furcation, internal resorption, direct and indirect pulp capping, and not least - the retrograde filling.
Completely debonded after 120 minutes and works perfectly in humid environments.
Easy to work with, no need to mix beforehand - Apply directly from the sprayer.
Bactericidal pH12.
High radiopacity and dimensionally stable.
Stimulates tissue regeneration.
Tricalcium Silicate (Releases Calcium ions)
Dicalcium Silicate (Releases Calcium ions)
Tricalcium Aluminate (Initial setting)
Calcium Oxide (Releases Calcium ions)
Zirconium Oxide (Radiopacity)
Silicon Oxide
Polyethylene Glycol
Iron Oxide
Made in Brazil by Angelus.