Benex II extraction system 1/2

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Benex II. The atraumatic extraction system.
By Benny Syfrig Dr. with. with. dent. Patented. Pat no. CH6965458.
In the case of extraction, implantology is often included in the forward-looking considerations. A gentle extraction with a minimal invasion, and no unnecessary lesions of the soft and hard surrounding tissues, faster healing and not least a positive dental experience for your patients, atraumatic and without discomfort.
The Benex II system guarantees the gentle extraction of teeth and roots throughout the oral cavity, easily and effortlessly. The system is delivered in a practical washtray which can withstand treatment in the dishwasher and, of course, autoclaving.
The system is well documented and lots of inspiration and examples of cases can be found at: - if you want a reference from Danish dentists, you are welcome to contact Michael Weesgaard on tel. 39 64 42 12.

Benex II extraction system 1/2 including:
1 pc. extractor.
2 pcs. pull rope 48 mm.
1 piece. driver guide.
1 piece. 1.6 mm short screw and drill bit.
1 piece. 1.8 mm long screw and drill bit.
1 piece. quadrant support.
Supplied in 1/2 washtray with lid.