Cytoplast RTM Collagen foam, pack of 10 pcs.

Item number: RTMFOAM10
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Measures 2 x 4 cm, 3 mm thick
Absorbed after approx. 30 days, suitable for wound treatment and hemostasis after surgery, suture, ulcers and traumatized wounds.
Made in the USA.

Cytoplast RTM (Resorbable Tissue Matrix) collagen foam is a specialized biomaterial designed for use in regenerative procedures within oral surgery. It is a synthetic collagen matrix that has the structure of the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) that supports tissue growth and regeneration.
Cytoplast RTM collagen foam consists of pure and processed type I collagen derived from cattle. The collagen is processed to remove non-collagenous proteins, lipids and cellular debris, ensuring a cleaner and biocompatible product. This process also eliminates any compounds that could potentially trigger an immune response.
The collagen foam has a porous structure that enables it to effectively absorb and retain fluids, such as blood and other essential growth factors. This property promotes formation of a stable and subsequent infiltration of regenerative cells in the matrix. The cohesive porosity of the foam also enables increased cell migration, proliferation and differentiation, facilitating tissue growth and regeneration.
Cytoplast RTM collagen foam is resorbable, which means that it naturally breaks down and integrates into the surrounding tissue over time. The breakdown process is gradual and provides a platform for the formation of new tissue while maintaining stability during the initial healing phase. When the foam is absorbed, it is replaced by the patient's own natural tissue, resulting in a rebuilt and regenerated area.
This biomaterial is typically used in oral surgical procedures, alveolar ridge preservation, sinus augmentation and filling of alveoli. It acts as a platform for bone and soft tissue regeneration and improves the quality of the healing process by promoting blood vessel formation, cell migration and collagen deposition.
Overall, Cytoplast RTM collagen foam is a synthetic biomaterial that resembles the extracellular matrix. Its porous structure, resorbability and biocompatibility make it an effective platform for tissue growth and regeneration and a valuable tool in various dental and oral surgical procedures.