EQV Cordless gutta-percha obturation system

Item number: EQV026
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The EQV Cordless gutta-percha obturation system is a highly efficient and convenient system designed to revolutionize the procedure of root canal therapy. The system notably simplifies the endodontic obturation process and ensures a denser, more consistent filling.

The kit includes a gun for the extrusion of heated gutta-percha and a pen for downpack. Both are cordless, eliminating any obstruction for the user. The gun and pen employ a quick heating system, optimizing the user's time and reducing patient discomfort due to prolonged procedures.

In addition to time-saving and efficiency, the EQV system prioritizes safety. The innovative gutta-percha delivery gun introduces an automatic temperature control to prevent overheating and ensure precise delivery of the gutta-percha. Further, the downpack pen features an intelligent heating system that automatically halts when in contact with canal walls.

Designed for easy handling, both the gun and pen are lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed, reducing operator fatigue. Their wireless nature also adds to easy maneuverability and flexibility, allowing the dentist to proceed with the obturation process from different angles without hindrance from cords.

Overall, the EQV Cordless gutta-percha obturation system presents an effective, time-efficient, and safe solution for root canal therapy that combines technology and design to optimize user and patient experience.