Micro screw with Umbrella head 1.2 mm

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Micro steel screws with Umbrella head
Screw with umbrella head, or umbrella head, is a new type of screw used in oral surgery. Screw has a unique shape that resembles the top of an umbrella, which gives it its name.
Screw with umbrella head is used for oral surgery, especially in connection with bone building and implant surgery. It is used to secure and stabilize the bone.
The umbrella head of the screw acts as a protective and stabilizing mechanism. This type of screw is made from a material suitable for surgical applications. It is important that the screw is designed to be durable, reliable and safe for the patient. Screw with umbrella head is a valuable tool in oral surgery, as it contributes to successful implant surgery and ensures a stable and reliable attachment of implants in the bone.