BTX microscrew set Flat-Head 20 screws

Item number: BTX00
Regular price 8.940,00 DKK

Meisinger all-round system of bone screws for simple and safe fixation of horizontal or vertical bone segments.
The screws are supplied with a flat countersunk head. In this way, you avoid putting unnecessary strain on the gingiva, and with a screw diameter of only 0.9 and 1.0 mm minimally invasive.
1 piece. allport front cut HM drill VS.
1 piece. screwdriver for the angle piece.
4 pcs. calibration spiral drill VS.
7 pcs. screws 7 x 1.1 mm. (External)
7 pcs. screws 10 x 1.1 mm. 3 pieces. screws 7 x 1.3 mm.
3 pieces. screws 10 x 1.3 mm.
Delivered in autoclavable orange aluminum system box.