myCustom Rings kit

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myCustom Ring's technique ensures an easy reconstruction of already existing interproximal anatomy.
Individually adapted forms with the use of light-polymerizing resin.
Individually adapted shapes leave a stronger contact point and precise proximal contours.
Nickel titanium ring with reinforcement.
2 pcs. myRing Classico, 6 pcs. Delta plastic caps,
Quickmat Section Matrices:
50 pcs. Premolar 0.025mm/5mm,
50 pcs. Molar 0.025mm/6.4mm,
LumiContrast Section Matrices:
20 pcs. Premolar 0.025mm/5mm, 20 pcs. Molar 0.025mm/6.4mm,
Quickmat Transparent Section Matrices:
20 pcs. Premolar 0.075mm/5mm,
20 pcs. Molar 0.075mm/6.4mm, Wood wedges:
50 pcs. Pinkie. 11mm (XS),
50 pcs. 12mm (S),
40 pcs. 13mm (M),
40 pcs. 15mm (L),
1 piece. myCustom Resin, 3ml syringe with 10 pcs.
tips 18ga for myCustom Resin