Protect surgical kit, pack of 5 kits

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Suitable for all treatments, implantology and surgery
Contains 45 components:
4 pcs. PE gloves
2 pcs. Mouth mask with tie
1 piece. Surgical Cap
2 pcs. Bouffant Cap
1 piece. Surgical gown with cotton cuffs
1 piece. Assistant smock with cotton cuffs
1 piece. Patient smock with cotton cuffs
3 pairs. covers for footwear
2 pcs. Nail brush with nail cleaner
6 pieces. Paper napkins
1 piece. Operations Drape (75x75cm)
1 piece. Dashboard cover piece (90x120cm)
1 piece. U-piece with self-adhesive (100x150cm)
1 piece. Surgical gown with self-adhesive (70x100cm)
2 pcs. Hose cover with piece of cardboard (8x120cm)
3 pieces. Non-latex elastics
1 piece. Self-adhesive film (5x80cm)
2 pcs. Handle cover
2 x Self-adhesive cover pieces
1 piece. Self-adhesive hose cover
1 piece. PVC X-ray tube cover
1 piece. wrapping paper
Factory packed set Made in France