Quickmat De Luxe range

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With Quickmat, you can use sectional matrices for molars - i.e. small matrices that only cover an proximal surface, the matrix does not have to go all the way around the tooth. A horizontal, two-crown-sized spring ring (Quickring) is clamped over the proximal space of the tooth so that the contact surfaces of the Quickring automatically press the matrix very close against the preparation boundaries - thereby simultaneously forming the matrix's proximal curvature and contact ratio automatically correctly. To make even closer contact, the Quickringes contact surfaces can be attached with a small piece of one of the supplied silicone hoses.
The quickring is attached with a tool that resembles cofferdam pliers - the entire die installation takes less than a minute.
The Quickmat system provides unobstructed access for wedge and cofferdam installations.
3 rings.
4 x 100 dies.
200 assorted wooden wedges.