NSK Varios 970, table model with water tank

Item number: Y1004161
Regular price 25.059,00 DKK

With a Varios 970 from NSK, you get a user-friendly all-round ultrasonic tooth cleaner built on the latest iPiezo technology, which gives you stable vibrations, as the optimal frequency is automatically adjusted when the tip is loaded.
Use it with or without disinfecting liquid from the 2 built-in liquid containers, at the same time the work area is brightly lit from the built-in LED light source in the handpiece. You can easily switch between the many functions, whether you want to perform ultrasonic tooth cleaning, root surface depuration, crown removal, excavation or retrograde cavity preparation.
There are 3 effect levels: perio, endo and general, which adapt the effect to the individual tips - you also only need one handpiece to perform all the mentioned treatments. With the built-in autoclean mode, you can automatically flush and clean the internal water hose.
Supplied with or without LED light.