Xtool luxator set

Item number: 1700700
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For gentle and atraumatic solution.
The set consists of a number of color-coded instruments with a specially balanced pencil grip. The handle is provided with strong undercut grooves that provide maximum grip on the instrument when it is pressed down into the periodontal gap.
A double-ended sharp spoon is also included for postoperative inspection and cleaning of the alveolus. The washtray is equipped with an instrument holder and clips for holding the instruments in the tray. All instruments and the tray can be autoclaved at 134 degrees.
including: 1 pc. 1700701. 1 pc. 1700702. 1 pc. 1700703. 1 pc. 1700704.
1 piece. 1700705. 1 pc. Lucas sharpspoon.
Supplied in a washtray.